In a nutshell, Breakout is a game where you  hit a ball with a paddle and  aim to destroy bricks that lay above. The  balls trajectory changes during game play so lining up the paddle in time to strike is where the challenge is set. Aim for a high score but beware the ball moves pretty fast as you level up!

Choose from 2 themes: Classic and Christmas (for when your feeling festive).

How to play


Use your keyboards left and right keys to move the paddle.


Swipe left and right on the screen to move the paddle.


Pressing the Restart level button will reset the bricks and score you have achieved for that level.

Pressing the Reset to level one button will reset the game back to level 1.

When you have completed a level, click the Next level button that appears to move onto the next level.

Development log


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Its been a while(!) since i last made any updates to the project, things get so busy when a little baby comes along! Sleep is a luxury nowadays : p

I will be looking to jump back into the project over the next week. I last left things where id uploaded a classic skin to accompany the xmas edition, but rather annoyingly, i fluffed the directory structure up a little. 

I was aiming for a dashboard where players can select which skin they'd like, so they weren't stuck with just the xmas skin. I think this will be a good jumping-back-in point.

Im happy with the mobile version (still not great but is pretty good). Thanks again for those taking a look at the game, and those over at https://twitter.com/Indie_launchpad which does such as a good job of promoting to this day!


Mobile friendly gameplay and new skins coming very soon!

Hi all

Thanks to all those visiting the game from html5gamedevs.com. Its such as great resource and really enjoying using it.

Anyone else recommend any game resources - feel free to post!

Check the game out on the Game Dev showcase:  http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/41898-christmas-breakout-classic-breakout-wit...


What features would players like most to have added to Christmas Breakout? 

Thoughts and opinion welcome!


Im thinking of adding a dev log retrospectively. Basically id discuss how I reused the MDN Breakout tutorials and customised the game to make it more unique.

Ill take a few dives into the use of IIFEs, function expressions, local storage and the game loop, giving reasons behind choices and opinion on how things went.

Stay tuned.


Little Sharky is now on Twitter! Hope to connect with with some cool people and resources, come stop by and say hi @sharky_little